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About the course

In this course, trainees are taught the useful skill of attention management in order to create an effective workforce with no distractions. We aim to ensure that our students, on the completion of the course, limit the wastage of valuable time and the making of careless mistakes due to the lack of focus.

What will I learn?

The Course Topics include:

1. Introduction to Attention Management

2. Types of Attention

3. Strategies for Goal Setting

4. Meditation 5. Training Your Attention

6. Attention Zones Model

7. SMART Goals

8. Keeping Yourself Focused

9. Procrastination

10. Prioritizing Your Time

Benefits of the course

Course Objectives are as follows:

1. To define and explain attention management

2. To identify different types of attention

3. To create strategies for goals and SMART goals

4. To be familiar with methods that focus attention

5. To put an end to procrastination

6. To learn how to prioritize time

Who is this course for? 

Managers who need to connect with their employees on an emotional level and motivate them to focus on their work and how to reach their own personal and company goals.